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Automate FinCEN BOI Reporting to save time, eliminate errors, and grow revenues using the leading SOC 2 certified cloud filing software for firms and professionals.
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Trusted by Top 100 Firms and Hundreds More for Industry-Leading SOC 2 Certified Beneficial Ownership Reporting Software


Secure your CTA services on FincenFetch, a certified SOC2 compliant organization and FinCEN filing platform used by hundreds of law and accounting firms across the U.S.



Your firm's complete FinCEN reporting solution

FincenFetch is completely customization for your use-case. Manage BOI reporting the way you want using our SOC2 secure cloud platform and partnered optional services.

Effortlessly support your clients and customers with Corporate Transparency Act compliance, completing reports in just minutes or opting for full automation. Our easily white-labeled solutions match your brand and support customization for over eight industries, ensuring beneficial ownership reporting is both understandable for your clients and manageable for your firm.
Quickly gather beneficial ownership information by sending your clients a link or importing data from your records. Once collected, FincenFetch files your reports with FinCEN and provides confirmation transcripts. Our user-friendly portals guide business owners through the filing process, making it easier to understand regulations and submit accurate information on their first attempt, unlike direct filing methods. For your firm, importing client information is simplified, allowing for individual entries or bulk uploads via CSV imports or our API.
Ensure your clients stay informed and on schedule with automated reminders for report updates, avoiding FinCEN’s steep $10K and $500 daily fines. Our system emails keep them aware of compliance obligations. With our platform, updating reports is a breeze; clients can quickly load previous reports to begin updates or use auto-fill for saved beneficial owners.
Choose a FincenFetch billing model that aligns with your client billing practices. Our diverse options cater to firms, high-volume filers, referral partners, among others. Tailored to meet your specific needs — from securing the lowest price per report, offering free updates, reducing initial costs, to earning through referrals — our solutions are designed to support your goals. Additionally, we can directly bill your clients/customers, offering you freedom from in-house billing responsibilities.
Effortlessly add beneficial ownership filing solutions into your current operations or platforms, adding Corporate Transparency Act compliance to your offerings. With a quick 90-minute training and no need for downloads, your team can use secure cloud-based admin panels. Plus, for those with existing tech platforms, our API enables easy report management and viewing.

Every FinCEN filing solution we offer is SOC2 compliant, ensuring the security of client/customer data throughout the entire process. You or your clients/customers can contact our support team at any time with questions about the system providing a comprehensive solution for CTA compliance.

Connect your existing systems or website to your new FinCEN compliance solution seamlessly with our included API features.

Click a video to see your firm’s filing dashboard, client experiences, A.I. features, efiling error checking and more

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The Accounting Firm's Complete Guide to the Corporate Transparency Act

FincenFetch Corporate Transparency Act ebook
FincenFetch Corporate Transparency Act ebook

Corporate Transparency Act Compliance Solutions Purpose-Built for Professional Services

Choose a CTA filing solution for your firm supporting white-labeled software, free client access, SOC2 secure filing support services, included FinCEN e-filing, APIs for integration, or referral options.

Accountants & CPA Firms

Help clients and capture new revenue without increasing liability using our BOI compliance web platform. Offer beneficial ownership reporting in-house with a white-labeled solution or refer clients to a SOC2-certified (AICPA criteria) trusted filing partner for peace of mind.

Attorneys & Law Firms

Manage BOI filing and CTA compliance at your law firm with our efficient, white-labeled platform. File reports in minutes with uploads and automated tools, or delegate BOI reporting to our SOC2-certified experts if your firm prefers a hands-off approach.

Community Managers & HOAs

Help your property investors, HOAs, or condo associations with new mandatory BOI report filings to avoid FinCEN fines. Earn new revenue as your property managers manage FinCEN filings.

Investment Management Firms

Support Corporate Transparency Act compliance for your private equity group, family office, venture capital fund, or other investment management entity. Make initial and updated reports seamless with data uploads and alerts for year-round compliance.

Payroll Providers and B2B Services

Offer a new service that your customer base needs to stay in compliance and avoid FinCEN fines. Scale your revenue as nearly every U.S. business needs FinCEN filing services across the U.S.

Online Filing Websites

Launch a new FinCEN filing service from your website with our backoffice-in-a-box solution. Our web platform supports API connections and everything you need to manage FinCEN compliance for your customers as 40M businesses prepare to file BOI reports.

Registered agents & Formation providers

Add FinCEN compliance and new revenue with seamless BOI report filing from your platform using our web and API solutions. Drive continuous revenue by providing effortless report updates through your white-labeled platform.

Small Business Influencers

Earn referral revenue as nearly every business owner in your audience files their new mandatory beneficial ownership information report. Help make owners aware of this new filing so they avoid fines of $500/day or $10,000.

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How much new revenue can Corporate Transparency Act BOI reporting bring to my firm?

Enter the number of clients at your firm to find out how much filing revenue you can expect in 2024, 2025, and beyond.

How much new revenue can Corporate Transparency Act BOI reporting bring to my firm?

Enter the number of clients at your firm to find out how much filing revenue you can expect in 2024, 2025, and beyond.

Solutions & Pricing Aligned with your Industry & Goals

Get flexible pricing and product models to suit your preferences. Choose a solution based on whether you charge customers or clients one-time payments, annual fees, or prefer others to manage services or billing process. Our affordable solutions are crafted to fit your industry’s needs.


Buy a tier with bulk reports for clients at big discounts, costing less than $50 per company annually, plus volume discounts. Plans include initial filings, free updated reports, and rollover. Keep 80%+ of revenue. Upgrade tiers as you grow. Review files in-house or to add ProReview to offload labor.

Price per report

$50 or Less

Upfront cost


Best for

Firms with 75 to 5,000+ clients

Pay per Filing

Access a streamlined filing platform at a low upfront cost and pay $70 or for each report. Perfect for firms and filing services that want to offer filing services but don’t know how many clients they will need to support. Can be combined with ProReview addon below to eliminate staff labor entirely.

Price per report


Upfront cost


Best for

Firms with less than 75 clients


Use a secure BOI portal with no initial cost, inviting clients to submit ownership details securely. The platform handles data collection and payments, splitting revenue 50/50 with you. You can complete file reviews or add ProReview for automated filing and billing services.

Price per report

50% of filing fee

Upfront cost

Lowest (Free after rebates)

Best for

Firms that don't want to manage billing


For firms that don’t want to offer BOI filing but need it completed for their clients. Refer your clients to our expert filing team for a secure, simple, and fast solution for clients that need BOl reports filed. Choose to earn referral fees for each filing if preferred.

Price per report:

You choose, client pays

Upfront cost:

Lowest (Free after rebates)

Best for:

Large filing services or website


Secure the best rates with bulk report purchases tailored to any volume. Benefit from free updated reports for users and integrate with our API for seamless reporting from your site. Choose automated or manual reviews depending on your model, or add ProReview to fully automate FinCEN filings and boost revenue.

Price per report


Upfront cost


Best for

Large filing services or website

Features Built for Firms

FincenFetch started building BOI reporting solutions over two years ago, allowing us to deliver dozens of features to help you file for clients.

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