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File and update FinCEN BOI reports quickly and easily with our streamlined, SOC2 secure platform. Effortlessly manage unlimited reports for clients and customers, ensuring fast, safe compliance for any industry.
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Benefits of FincenFetch
See why over 200 firms across the U.S. are planning FincenFetch as their beneficial ownership report filing solution

See Why Over 100,000 Reporting Companies are Supported by Filers Using FincenFetch

Business owner needing to file your own report?

Your Customers & Clients Need Your Help to File BOIR Reports

FinCEN’s filing system does not explain substantial control, company applicants, and 6 other critical pieces of information leading to incorrect information filed by reporting companies most of the time. They need your help to file BOIR reports accurately in 2024 and avoid fines of $500 per day or $10,000.

Planning your Professional Services Strategy?File Beneficial Ownership Information Reports for your Clients or Customers in Minutes per Report

FincenFetch began designing solutions for Beneficial Ownership Reporting in 2022 far ahead of the launch of the the Corporate Transparency Act. Our tailored platforms and filing solutions make it easy to assist those that depend on you with beneficial ownership report filing.

BOIR filing can be time consuming without FinCEN filing tools. These reports require educating clients, collecting information, filing, managing reminders, and maintaining records – leading to about 2 hours of collective time per report without tools like FincenFetch. Reduce your time per report to just 3 minutes with our solutions or even automate the process entirely.

Professional services firms are billing an average of $400 to $600 for initial reports on the expectation that each filing requires hours of staff time. With our streamlined beneficial ownership information reporting solutions, you can transform these time savings into multiplied profits or cost savings for your clients.

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Selling Services to Businesses Already? Make 2024 Your Biggest Year with FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Reporting

Is your business focused on helping a large number of U.S. companies with tasks like filing, payroll, mail, compliance, or any other B2B service? Our platforms transform FinCEN’s new mandatory filing into your next record-breaking revenue year.

40 million U.S. businesses now have to file beneficial ownership reports to FinCEN, including every one of your existing customers. Our solutions help you complete reports in minutes per report at a cost as low as $15 to $30 dollars per filing. With direct filing services billing $149 to $299 per report, the profit margins on FinCEN compliance filings are driving unprecedented revenue growth for B2B businesses like yours.

Get a demo today to explore how FincenFetch can tie into your existing or upcoming website easily with a white labeled solutions or APIs – powering seamless addition of FinCEN filing.


FinCEN Filling Needs Vary by Industry

We have built beneficial ownership filing solutions for two years and understand the nuances of your business. Explore our industry specific solutions below. Whether you need tools for internal staff or prefer a more hands-off approach, we have you covered..

Prepare your firm for FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Report Filing

Elevate your firm’s filing services with our detailed eBook, designed to guide you through FinCEN filings. Learn to price competitively, manage staff time efficiently, and simplify your process. Understand the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) thoroughly and improve your service offerings. Download your complimentary copy today and begin refining your approach to FinCEN filings.

How much new revenue can Corporate Transparency Act BOI reporting bring to my firm?

Enter the number of clients at your firm to find out how much filing revenue you can expect in 2024, 2025, and beyond..

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