FincenFetch Forms Alliances with Accountalent and other CPA Firms for Corporate Transparency Act Compliance 

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FincenFetch, a leading Beneficial Ownership Report (BOR) filing platform, proudly announces that Accountalent, a Massachusetts-based CPA firm, and multiple others have joined the software platform. This collaboration is the first example of the Company’s mission to revolutionize Beneficial Ownership Information reporting under the directives of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) and FinCEN regulations. 

It is estimated that 33 million small businesses must file the Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report starting this year. This new federal mandate elevates the market demand for secure BOR filing platforms.

FincenFetch BOR filing platform, known for its precision and ease of use, offers firms a custom-branded portal for a consistent brand experience while navigating the complicated compliance process with high-level security and accuracy.

“Our alliances with Accountalent and many other CPA firms signify the beginning of a transformative step in corporate compliance. We’re not only facilitating efficient BOR filing, we’re redefining it,” remarked CEO Charles Wismer. “Our platform’s scalability and automation are designed to surpass the rigorous demands of the CTA, providing our clients with confident reporting so they can focus on their core business while we handle the evolving landscape of compliance.”

The introduction of the Corporate Transparency Act and FinCEN’s regulations necessitates precise reporting of beneficial ownership information. “FincenFetch enabled us to offer BOR filings while maintaining our boutique firm’s high-touch approach and customer brand experience,” said John Jeanson, director of Business Development at Accountalent. “We now serve more clients without stressing the system,” he continued.

FincenFetch looks forward to helping businesses scale up BOR filing services with its innovative software platform, making CTA compliance efficient and effortless.

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FincenFetch is a leading platform for corporate compliance specializing in Beneficial Ownership Report (BOR) filings. Focusing on innovation, security, and user experience, FincenFetch delivers streamlined corporate compliance solutions for businesses. 

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