BOI Filing Software: New Revenue Streams and Secure Filing

secure boi filing software for CTA compliance
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Simplifying Corporate Transparency Act Compliance and Boosting Your Revenue with BOI Filing Software

We know that keeping up with CTA compliance, is a huge task for businesses in any industry. As FincenFetch, we proudly stand as America’s top BOI filing software. Our goal is to make the BOI filing process under the Corporate Transparency act easier, while helping your business grow!

What’s the Corporate Transparency Act All About?

secure boi filing software for CTA compliance

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) is a new regulation to stop money laundering and other illegal financial activities. It requires more than 40 million U.S. businesses and firms to report beneficial ownership information to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Furthermore if a business chooses to file through FinCEN directly, the process of managing beneficial ownership reports can be resource-intensive and costly. Additionally, filing a BOI report is mandatory and can be challenging without the right tools. That’s where our BOI filing software comes in.

Transforming Compliance Management

Our SOC2 secure BOI filing software solution is designed to make beneficial ownership reporting and CTA compliance simple. Therefore, with automation for data retrieval, analysis, and submission, our software helps you meet the CTA requirements efficiently and accurately. Each filing goes through a four-step validation process, including automated checks, client approval, firm review, and API validation during e-filing.

Creating New Revenue Streams with BOI Filing Software

One of the biggest advantages of using FincenFetch is cutting down on the time your staff spends on CTA compliance tasks. Our BOI filing software automates the process, reducing the time per report to less than five minutes. This means you can use your time for things like generating more revenue for your company. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it also helps your firm serve clients better. For example, instead of hiring more staff just for BOI reports, you can let junior staff handle everything with our platform’s automated features, reminders, and notifications.

secure boi filing software for CTA compliance

Maximizing BOI Filing Software Resources

To see how FincenFetch BOI filing software can benefit your business, we invite you to check out our e-book. Our free e-Book is packed with valuable information on beneficial ownership reporting and real-world case studies showing the benefits of using FincenFetch for compliance management. Download our free e-Book here.

Innovating for Your Success

Our team has spent years creating a user-friendly platform that tackles all the issues with FinCEN filings. Join over 200 firms, including top 100 leaders, using our solution to optimize operations, reduce risk, and uncover new revenue opportunities. Discover more about the Corporate Transparency Act and beneficial ownership reporting—book a demo today!

At FincenFetch, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate CTA compliance, while driving your firm’s growth and success.

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