Beneficial Ownership Reporting
Solutions for your Industry

Discover versatile solutions tailored to your approach to FinCEN reporting. Whether you prefer hands-on approaches with white-labeled software, SOC2-compliant secure filing support, API integration, or more arms-length options like referral programs, we offer customized options to meet your Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) compliance needs.

Corporate Transparency Act Compliance Solutions Purpose-Built for Your Industry

Explore solutions for any way your organization wants to handle FinCEN reports. Choose from white-labeled software, SOC2 secure filing support services, APIs, or referral options based on how you want to address CTA compliance at your organization

Law Firms

Efficiently handle BOI filings and CTA compliance within your law firm using our white-labeled platform. Quickly submit reports through easy uploads and automation, or opt for a hands-off strategy by entrusting BOI reporting to our SOC2-certified professionals.

Accounting firms

Assist clients and unlock new revenue streams without adding liability through our BOI compliance web platform. Provide in-house beneficial ownership reporting with a white-labeled solution, or for a hands-off plan, direct clients to a SOC2-certified (AICPA standards) filing partner.

Registered agents & Formation providers

Help your companies comply with FinCEN and capture new revenue opportunities through effortless BOI report filing with our comprehensive web and API solutions. Generate recurring revenue by offering simple report updates via your white-labeled platform.

B2B Services

Drive new revenue and add a vital service to help your customers maintain compliance and avoid FinCEN penalties. Our solutions allow you to offer filing internally and bill directly for services or direct your customers for referral revenue.

Filing Websites

Launch a new FinCEN filing service from your website with our backoffice-in-a-box solution. Our web platform supports API connections and everything you need to manage FinCEN compliance for your customers as 40M businesses prepare to file BOI reports.

Investment Companies

Facilitate Corporate Transparency Act compliance within your private equity group, family office, venture capital fund, or any investment management entity. Ensure seamless submission of initial and updated reports through data uploads and receive alerts to maintain year-round compliance effortlessly.

Real Estate Industry

Assist your property investors, HOAs, or condo associations in complying the new mandatory BOI report filings to avoid FinCEN fines. Generate additional revenue while enabling your property managers to efficiently handle FinCEN filings.

Small Business Influencers

Generate referral revenue by informing every business owner in your network about the new mandatory beneficial ownership information reporting requirement. Assist them in becoming compliant to avoid hefty fines of $500 per day or up to $10,000.