Offer Corporate Transparency Act Filing at your Accounting & CPA Firm Without Increasing Liability

Strategic Compliance, Minimized Exposure: Discover how our solutions can deliver new revenues from Corporate Transparency Act compliance. Our reporting options help you service mandatory FinCEN BOI reporting for clients without risk to your firm.

Solutions for Accountants and CPAs

Capture year-round revenue averaging $300+ per report while minimizing your firm’s exposure to liability with FincenFetch. Our platform streamlines CTA filing into a seamless, 5-minute task for each client. Eliminate the need for extensive client education, data gathering, and record-keeping and add a new filing service and revenue line with FincenFetch today.

Every client reviews and takes responsibility for their filing, while our platform acts as the registered filer with FinCEN, reducing your exposure to regulation regardless of the plan you select with FincenFetch.

FinCEN filing is a new $20B filing industry which can drive year-round revenues for your firm. Clients must complete updated reports when they move or details about their companies change, which produces filing revenue for your firm beyond typical tax season deadlines.

Offering a secure filing portal makes updates easy for clients, manageable for CPAs and profitable for your firm. FincenFetch supports quick client imports with CSV files and uploading custom engagement language for clients to confirm before filing, enhancing compliance with our secure BOI reporting software.

Choose the involvement level that suits your firm’s needs best. Streamline FinCEN filings in-house with YouCollect software, offload payment collection with our WeCollect plan, or utilize our secure BOI filing specialists with ReferPro for a hands-off approach.

for Accounting Firms & CPAs

Choose how you want to offer CTA compliance to your clients. Select the best solution for those that depend on you for their filings and reporting requirements.

Planning to Offer BOI Reporting Directly?

Effortless Service: Provide CTA compliance directly at your CPA firm using our innovative BOI reporting software.

Liability Limiting: Clients review all reports and take complete responsibility for accuracy and completeness before FinCEN filing.

Efficiency and Scalability: File reports in just 5 minutes and manage client compliance effortlessly, enabling a single admin to handle thousands of reports quarterly.

Recommended Product Option:

Offering BOI Compliance & Want to Offload the Processing or Payments?

Custom Compliance Solutions: Offer FinCEN compliance under your firm’s branding with YouCollect or WeCollect plans paired with ProReview.

Just Upload Clients: Simply add clients via your dashboard to our secure, SOC2-compliant system to invite them to file.

Flexible Billing Options: Choose to bill clients directly or have the system collect client payments on your behalf. We can even handle reviews

Recommended Product Options: YouCollect or WeCollect + ProReview

Prefer to Just Refer Your Clients to a Secure BOI Reporting Service?

Customizable Landing Pages: Select ReferPro to reserve a FREE branded or unbranded landing page for your clients.

Expert Filing Assistance: Clients will be assisted by our expert filing team for a SOC2 secure hands-off approach for your firm.

Optional Referral Fee: Want to monetize this opportunity? You can even choose to receive an optional referral fee for every report.

Recommended Product Option: ReferPro

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Watch the video to see how FincenFetch makes CTA compliance simple for your firm and clients.

Video Demo

Dashboard for Filing Providers and Firms

Take a tour of FincenFetch from your perspective. See how your firm can support secure filings quickly & easily.


Dashboard for Clients and Customers

Take a tour of FincenFetch from your client’s perspective. This video shows your client’s included dashboard and report process.

for Accounting Firms and CPAs

Accountants need a comprehensive solution to help their clients with mandatory FinCEN filings without taking on liability for filing. FincenFetch meets that requirement along with offering dozens of helpful features to help you firm enter this $20B filing market that drives year-round revenue for CPAs.

Enhance FinCEN Reporting Accuracy and Minimize Legal Exposure

Use our guided workflow making reporting straightforward for clients, ensuring they understand and comply with regulatory mandates and accurately complete their BOI reports. Prior to submitting reports to FinCEN, both client and firm review and consent to the final information. Clients must assert that their reports are comprehensive and correct. Every consent is IP logged and timestamped for audit purposes. You can even customize client agreements with specific terms as required for their filings.

Strict Data Security Measures with SOC2 Compliance

FincenFetch prioritizes data security through SOC2 compliance, employing a comprehensive set of over 80 security controls. These encompass rigorous PII controls and thorough penetration testing to maintain client data confidentiality. We impose strict access restrictions to secure environments, safeguarding your data’s integrity.

Effortless Management of Client Data with Bulk Import/Export Capabilities

Simplify handling vast client filings through our CSV and API data import features, enabling the initiation and population of thousands of reports simultaneously. Exporting client data is just as straightforward, with a variety of format options available. Your data remains freely accessible; we ensure it’s never locked away.

Optimize Report Management Efficiency for In-House Filers

Our system streamlines the handling of a large volume of reports for your team. By automating most tasks, team members can complete filing with minimal effort, utilizing just two functions and reducing processing time to a mere 3 to 5 minutes. Automated client reminders and an intuitive dashboard interface ensure seamless progress monitoring, while email notifications keep staff informed and focused on their priorities.

Optional Custom-Branded Filing Experience with FincenFetch

Elevate your client’s online filing journey with a portal and email communication that reflect your firm’s branding if you choose. FincenFetch offers a suite of tools, including filing dashboards and branded emails, designed to resonate with your firm’s identity, ensuring a cohesive and familiar experience as your clients navigate FinCEN compliance.

Personalized Reminder System for Seamless Compliance Tracking

Utilize our personalized reminder system to keep your clients informed and compliant with CTA regulations, ensuring timely FinCEN report submissions. This system bolsters your advisory services, allowing you to offer a proactive, stress-free approach to regulatory compliance. With customizable reminders, your clients are kept in the loop about initiating new reports, the expiry of documents, or the urgency of finishing reports due soon.

Streamline BOI Reports with Saved Beneficial Owner Profiles

Enable your firm and clients to expedite the completion of BOI reports by saving profiles of frequently-used beneficial owners. Simplify the process further by inviting owners directly via email to contribute their information, ensuring confidentiality by not revealing details of other owners involved.

Versatility in Data Input for Firms and Clients

Accessible via a secure dashboard, reports on FincenFetch can be updated by both your firm and clients. After filling in all required fields, the report is prepared for review and submission. Upon filing, confirmation transcripts are promptly sent to your clients, ensuring their peace of mind.

Swift Report Updates with Secure Storage

Our platform ensures that all reports are securely saved, allowing for rapid modifications. With your consent, clients can initiate report updates whenever needed. The process involves only altering the necessary information and re-submitting, ensuring continuous compliance with minimal effort.

Simplified Staff Onboarding and Customizable Permissions with FincenFetch

FincenFetch makes it effortless to integrate your staff or filing team, providing complimentary additional seats and enabling detailed access control for each member. Tailor permissions to restrict visibility to individual member’s clients or broaden access to the entire firm’s clientele. Additionally, adjust permissions for reviews, approvals, and other settings to align with each team member’s role and access requirements.