Filing Websites: Capture a $20 billion market using our innovative reporting software

Filing websites can capitalize on a $20 billion BOI reporting market by launching a landing page and licensing FincenFetch secure reporting software for a complete solution to earn $200 to $300 per report. Get the best industry prices between $45 to under $20 per report with free API access to support competitive pricing and drive high profit margins for your FinCEN reporting website or service.

Enhance your service offerings with BOI reporting

Owners of filing websites can capitalize on a $20 billion market.  The Corporate Transparency Act delivers a unique opportunity to enter this emerging industry and help 40 million reporting companies prepare to file their initial BOI reports in 2024 and updated reports in future years.

Online filing companies offer prices averaging $199 to $300+ for FinCEN reports. Using FincenFetch, filing websites can maintain high margins while offering the best prices to your users. Choosing our full-featured FinCEN reporting software means you only pay $20 to $45 per report.

Ask about our StartReport API to explore seamless integration with your site. Once users pay for reports, you can generate a Start Filing link automatically to connect customers to the easy online reporting portal. FincenFetch is your BOI filing solution-in-a-box to get you online and capturing revenue fast. Your site only needs a landing page and our solutions can handle the rest for you. We even have solutions to collect report payments if preferred.

After 40 million businesses file BOI reports in 2024, your filing service can generate recurring revenue with our bundled platform benefits like free updated reports, compliance reminders, quick updating, and the filer FinCEN compliance dashboard.

for Filing Websites


Get Online Fast: Gain access to APIs and dashboards to seamlessly integrate FinCEN reporting into your website.

Cost-Effective Bulk Pricing: Pay as little as $20 per report when buying in bulk, maximizing your profit.

Free Updated Report Credits: Receive free updated report credits to enhance your margins and create a recurring billing customer base.

Recommended Product Option:


ProReview Addition: Benefit from our optional ProReview feature, allowing our specialized filing team to handle all the work for you.

Flexible Billing Options: Enjoy the flexibility to bill clients directly or let our platform collect client payments on your behalf, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your clients.

Recommended Product Options: YouCollect or WeCollect + ProReview

Our Team is available anytime to help filing websites offer CTA compliance. Book a free consultation or speak with our team today.  Join thousands of businesses using our service. 

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Watch the video to see how FincenFetch makes CTA compliance simple for your firm and clients.

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Dashboard for Filing Providers and Firms

Take a tour of FincenFetch from your perspective. See how your firm can support secure filings quickly & easily.


Dashboard for Clients and Customers

Take a tour of FincenFetch from your client’s perspective. This video shows your client’s included dashboard and report process.

for Filing Websites

Our features deliver a perfect solution for filing websites to provide a new product using our FinCEN secure reporting software. FinCEN BOI reports are mandatory for your entire customer group and present an opportunity to grow your business.

Effortlessly Process Unlimited BOI Reports

Our system simplifies BOI report filing for B2B and payroll providers.By automating repetitive tasks, team members can complete filing using just two functions, reducing processing time to as little as minutes per report. Automated client reminders and an intuitive dashboard interface facilitate seamless progress monitoring, while email notifications ensure staff are promptly alerted to any required actions, allowing them to focus on other priorities.

Track Referral Sources with Billing Codes

Mobilize your network to bring filing companies your way. Our systems make it easy to track referral sources for filings and upload client lists via CSVs. With 40M U.S. companies needing to file reports, your network’s reach can quickly multiply your annual revenue through this new compliance filing.

White-Labeled Online Filing Flow with FincenFetch

Offer your clients a personalized filing experience with FincenFetch, where every aspect of the online portal and emails is tailored to match your firm’s branding. From filing dashboards to communication, ensure your clients feel at home while managing their FinCEN compliance, all under your firm’s trusted name.

Rigorous Data Protection through SOC2 Compliance

FincenFetch is committed to data security through SOC2 standards. Our platform implements a robust set of over 80 security protocols, including stringent PII controls and external penetration testing, to ensure the confidentiality of client data.

Hassle-Free Bulk Import/Export for Lead Sources

Manage client data on a large scale with ease using our advanced CSV and API import capabilities, allowing for the quick start and filling of thousands of BOI reports from your lead sources. Exporting data is equally convenient, with several format options to meet your needs. We guarantee full data accessibility, with no restrictions on your data.

Customizable Information Input and Filing Confirmations

FincenFetch allows easy access to reports through a secure dashboard where your team or clients can input data. After filling essential fields, reports are ready for review and submission. Automatic confirmations are sent to clients after filing, ensuring peace of mind.

Fast and Secure Report Updating Process

Capture ongoing revenue by keeping customer reports up-to-date effortlessly, as all documents are securely stored for easy access and swift updates. Reporting companies can ask for report revisions on-demand, with the process requiring your authorization. Simply adjust the new data and refile to maintain compliance.

Ensure Precision and Transfer Liability

Our user-friendly reporting tool for B2B and service providers guides clients through regulations and ensures precise BOI submissions. Both reporting companies and providers need to agree on data before sending it to FinCEN. Clients must confirm their reports are accurate and complete. All consents are recorded with IP addresses and time stamps for auditing.

Custom-Fit Compliance Reminders for Proactive Report Management

Ensure your clients stay updated on CTA compliance with our tailored reminder system, avoiding missed FinCEN deadlines. This feature allows you to provide proactive, easy-to-follow compliance support, enhancing your reputation as a knowledgeable advisor. Customizable alerts keep clients informed about starting new reports, upcoming document expiration dates, or looming report deadlines.

Streamline Team Setup and Permissions Management with FincenFetch

FincenFetch streamlines adding your staff or filing team with complimentary extra seats. The platform allows detailed permission settings, giving team members tailored access—from specific clients to the full client roster. Adjust permissions for reviews, approvals, and settings according to each team member’s role.