Investment Companies: Easy FinCEN Filing Software Designed for You

FincenFetch’s FinCEN filing software for investment companies adheres to Corporate Transparency Act compliance while keeping your clients and portfolio free of FinCEN fines. Whether you plan to manage compliance in-house with a secure platform or need a trusted SOC2 partner to offload compliance, we have a solution for your organization.

for Investment Companies and Portfolio Managers

Investment entities often do not qualify for reporting exemptions due to their unique operational structures. For instance, real estate assets commonly employ separate LLCs for each property, necessitating compliance with the reporting rule.

Investment companies face the challenge of promptly updating reports under the reporting rule. Portfolio companies must submit updated reports within 30 days of any beneficial owner or company change to avoid significant fines of $500 per day or $10,000. FincenFetch simplifies this process by offering fast filing for updated reports and providing timely reminders to help keep your portfolio companies compliant. The platform’s proactive compliance alerts can even notify your firm and clients of expiring documents or other upcoming impediments to compliance.

When it comes to managing CTA compliance with FincenFetch, investment firms have two options: they can either license our tool internally to streamline BOI reporting or leverage our expert filing team to ensure portfolio compliance.


Secure and Straightforward Method: Utilize our YouCollect plan for a secure and straightforward method to file reports and maintain compliance for your portfolio companies. Using our API, you can even embed FinCEN filing into your existing client platform

Initial and Free Updated Reports: These plans include initial reports and free updated reports, enabling you to efficiently manage your clients or portfolio throughout the year.

Recommended Product Option:


Comprehensive FinCEN Compliance: Choose either YouCollect or WeCollect plans and add ProReview to provide comprehensive FinCEN compliance.

Expert Filing Team: Our expert filing team will handle the rest while you retain full oversight and visibility from your filer dashboard.

Recommended Product Options: YouCollect + ProReview

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Watch the video to see how FincenFetch’s FinCEN filing software makes CTA compliance simple for your firm and clients.

Video Demo

Dashboard for Filing Providers and Firms

Take a tour of FincenFetch from your perspective. See how your firm can support secure filings quickly & easily.


Dashboard for Clients and Customers

Take a tour of FincenFetch from your client’s perspective. This video shows your client’s included dashboard and report process.

for Investment Companies & Portfolio Managers

Our solutions include everything you need to manage your portfolio’s Corporate Transparency Act compliance from monitoring, gathering data, filing, and managing your internal processes. After a 90 minute training, your firm is ready to offer FinCEN compliance.

White Labeled for your Brand

With FincenFetch, offer your clients an online filing and communication experience that mirrors your firm’s branding. This white-labeled solution integrates your logos and brand identity into filing dashboards and emails, building a cohesive and reassuring presence throughout the FinCEN compliance process.

SOC2 Security for your Client Data

FincenFetch ensures data security by complying with SOC2 standards, implementing a comprehensive suite of over 80 security controls. These include stringent PII controls and thorough penetration testing to safeguard client data confidentiality.

Save and Apply Owner Profiles or Invite Owners Via Email

Enhance BOI report efficiency by enabling the saving of beneficial owner information for immediate use. Provide a confidential way for owners to add their details via email, protecting the information of other involved owners.

Efficient Bulk Data Import/Export Options

Leverage our efficient bulk data import and export solutions to manage client filings with ease. Our platform supports CSV and API for seamless report generation and population. Enjoy the convenience of multiple exporting formats, all while maintaining total control over your data.

Secure, Quick Update System for Compliance Reports

Our platform offers a secure and efficient way to update reports, allowing for modifications to be made in minutes. Clients have the ability to request report updates at any moment, pending your approval. This simple update and refile process ensures ongoing compliance with minimal downtime.

Streamline Report Processing Effortlessly

Efficiently manage a high volume of reports with our user-friendly system. By automating most tasks, team members only need to interact with two functions, slashing report processing time to a mere 3 to 5 minutes. Automated client reminders and a clear dashboard display ensure smooth progress tracking, while email alerts help staff stay on top of tasks.

Custom Compliance Reminders for Clients

Stay proactive in CTA compliance with our customizable reminder tool, guaranteeing that your clients always meet their FinCEN reporting obligations. Tailored alerts keep clients aware of the need to begin new reports, monitor document expiration, or complete impending reports.

Enter Information and Securely Gather Anything Missing

Through a secure dashboard, reports on FincenFetch are open for input from both your firm and clients. Upon completion of all necessary fields, the report is primed for review and filing. Subsequently, confirmation transcripts are automatically forwarded to your clients post-filing, offering them peace of mind.

Customizable Team Access and Control with FincenFetch

Incorporate your staff into FincenFetch with no hassle, thanks to complimentary additional seats and customizable permissions. Set access levels tailored to each team member, from viewing their own clients to accessing all client information firm-wide. Fine-tune permissions for reviews, approvals, and various settings, ensuring the right level of access for each role.

Included API Access

Tie FinCEN reporting into your existing website for easy client reporting. Our API allows you to start reports from your site with the click of a button or gather full report details from reports you have filed for monitoring in external systems.