Real Estate Compliance Software Designed for Brokers And Property Managers

Our innovative real estate compliance software allows you to maximize your real estate business potential with effortless Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) compliance. As trusted property managers and brokers, you’re the cornerstone of your clients’ success. Explore how our FinCEN filing solutions not only simplify reporting but also open doors to the lucrative $20 billion industry of beneficial ownership information reporting. Seize the opportunity to elevate your services and drive growth.

for Property Managers and Real Estate Brokers

As a trusted property manager or broker, clients such as investors or HOAs (homeowners associations) rely on you for vital real estate services. With the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) now in effect, compliance with FinCEN reporting requirements has become even more crucial. Not only do companies that hold or manage real estate need to file initial reports in 2024, they also need to maintain updated reports within 30 days of any information changing to avoid federal fines.

Our tailored real estate compliance software simplifies FinCEN filing requirements for real estate entities. From initial reports to timely updates, our platform seamlessly integrates with your clients and operations, ensuring efficient and hassle-free compliance management.

Partnering with FincenFetch not only safeguards your clients’ interests but also unlocks a new revenue stream for your business. Whether you choose to handle compliance internally or refer clients to our trusted filing service, you can capitalize on the lucrative $20 billion industry of beneficial ownership information reporting.

Our team of compliance experts is dedicated to assisting property managers and brokers every step of the way, providing comprehensive training and ongoing support to navigate the complexities of CTA compliance with confidence.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to differentiate your real estate business and solidify your reputation as a trusted advisor.

for HOAs, Property Managers, and Brokers


Secure and BOIR Filing: Our platform can gather information securely from property owners or board members and simplify the filing process.

Complementary Compliance Monitoring: Alerts can notify your clients when updated reports become due from changes or document expiration.

Included Initial and Updated Reports: Included initial reports and free updated reports help keep your clients compliance when boards change or owners move – triggering updated report requirements.

Recommended Product Option:


Complete FinCEN Compliance: Choose YouCollect or WeCollect plans and add ProReview to offer comprehensive FinCEN compliance.

Expert Filing Team: Our expert filing team will review and file while you can oversee from your filer dashboard.

Collect Billing or Leave it to Us: Choose to bill your clients directly or have our platform collect payments at the price you choose.

Recommended Product Options: YouCollect or WeCollect + ProReview


Free for You: Get the benefits of ReferPro at no cost with a custom link for your clients.

Referral Fee Option: Optionally collect a referral fee for every FinCEN report filed through your custom link.

Don’t Stress Compliance: Our team handles everything for your clients.

Recommended Product Option: ReferPro

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Watch the video to see how FincenFetch makes CTA compliance simple for your firm and clients.

Video Demo

Dashboard for Filing Providers and Firms

Take a tour of FincenFetch from your perspective. See how your firm can support secure filings quickly & easily.


Dashboard for Clients and Customers

Take a tour of FincenFetch from your client’s perspective. This video shows your client’s included dashboard and report process.

for HOAs, Property Managers, and Brokers

Manage your real estate clients easily with FincenFetch – THE real estate compliance software solution. Make Corporate Transparency Act compliance simple for property investors, HOA or condo boards, or any others affected by FinCEN’s new reporting rule.

Enter Information and Securely Gather Anything Missing

FincenFetch makes it simple for clients to understand BOI reports and provide information correctly the first time they go through the platform. Once all required fields are filled out, the report can be submitted. After filing, your clients will automatically receive confirmation transcripts, giving them reassurance.

White Labeled for your Brand

Offer your clients an online filing platform that mirrors your firm’s branding. Our white-labeled solution integrates your logos and language into filing dashboards and emails, building a branded and familiar experience throughout the FinCEN filing process.

SOC2 Security for your Client Data

FincenFetch prioritizes data security with SOC2 standards by covering a comprehensive list of over 80 controls including stringent PII controls and thorough penetration testing to safeguard client data confidentiality.

Easy Updated Reports for Clients

Our platform offers a secure and efficient way to update reports, allowing for modifications to be made in minutes. Clients have the ability to request report updates at any moment, pending your approval. This simple update and refile process ensures ongoing compliance with minimal downtime.

File Reports in Minutes - Not Hours

Our system simplifies managing numerous reports by automating tasks, reducing processing time to 3-5 minutes with only two functions needed. It sends automatic client reminders, offers a clear dashboard for tracking, and keeps staff informed with email alerts.

Customize Team Permissions

Easily integrate your team into FincenFetch with free extra seats and adjustable permissions. Customize access for each member, from seeing their specific clients to viewing all client data across the firm. Adjust permissions for reviewing, approving, and other settings to ensure appropriate access for every role.

Efficient Bulk Data Import/Export Options

Use our bulk data import and export features for easy management of client filings. Our system accepts CSV files and offers API support for hassle-free report creation and filling. Benefit from various export options, keeping full control over your data throughout the process.

Custom Compliance Reminders for Clients

Keep ahead in CTA compliance with our tailored reminder tool, ensuring your clients consistently fulfill their FinCEN reporting requirements. Custom alerts inform clients when to start new reports, track document expiry, or finish upcoming reports.