Registered Agents Services: Grow Your Business with CTA Filing Solutions

Registered agents services can expand effortlessly with FincenFetch’s customized compliance software. Registered agents can take advantage of our convenient BOI report filing solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing platforms through custom APIs or utilize our cloud platform for smooth filing. Start and file FinCEN reports easily for existing or new companies, boosting your revenue year-round.

Growing Business for Registered Agents Effortlessly

Registered agents services can grow with our easy-to-navigate software. Discover how our automated solutions for formation providers and registered agents and customized APIs simplify the initial BOI report filing process for your customer base. With just a click on your website, every company can initiate their mandatory FinCEN report in a white-labeled SOC2 secure cloud system. Seamlessly manage records from a tailored dashboard, ensuring compliance without the hassle.

Stay ahead of deadlines and avoid fines with our seamless compliance solutions that enhance registered agents services. Ensure your clients’ initial BOI reports are submitted within 90 days for new companies to comply with FinCEN’s reporting rule. Our interface streamlines the process, allowing you to pre-populate your FinCEN ID on each report and ensure accurate filing before the deadline. Customers review and attest to the accuracy of provided beneficial ownership information, transferring filing liability to them as the reporting company.

Transform updated BOI report filings into a new revenue line. Our platform facilitates swift and accurate filing of updated reports within 30 days of any changes to a company or beneficial owner, helping your customer avoid fines. Offer your clients fast, updated reports directly from your filing platform, making CTA compliance easy and profitable.

with our registered agents BOI reporting solutions

Choose how you want to offer CTA compliance to your clients. Select the best solution for your registered agents services to help those that depend on you for their filings and reporting requirements.


Seamless Integration: Explore our BulkFiler plan for seamless FinCEN reporting integration between $30 and $15 a report.

Access to APIs and Dashboards: Gain access to APIs and dashboards for streamlined reporting from your existing interface.

Cost-Effective Billing: Add a new billable service with minimal cost per filing, including initial and updated reports.

Recommended Registered Agents Services Product Option:


Customizable Branding: Choose ProReview for white-labeled FinCEN compliance with our filing team handling your backoffice.

Expert Filing Team: Let our specialized team handle file review and submission to FinCEN with transcripts securely returned to your clients ensuring seamless compliance

Recommended Registered Agents Services Product Options: Any Plan + ProReview


Customizable Landing Pages: Select ReferPro to reserve a FREE branded or unbranded landing page for your clients.

Expert Filing Assistance: Clients will be assisted by our expert filing team for a SOC2 secure hands-off approach.

Optional Referral Fee: Want to monetize this opportunity? You can even choose to receive an optional referral fee for every report.

Recommended Registered Agents Services Product Option: ReferPro

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Watch the video to see how FincenFetch makes CTA compliance simple for your firm and clients.

Video Demo

Dashboard for Filing Providers and Firms

Take a tour of FincenFetch from your perspective. See how your firm can support secure filings quickly & easily.


Dashboard for Clients and Customers

Take a tour of FincenFetch from your client’s perspective. This video shows your client’s included dashboard and report process.

for Registered Agents CTA Compliance and BOI Reporting

Our features deliver a perfect solution for your registered agents services and compliance offerings. Integrating our secure cloud solution into your ecosystem provides a back-office in a box for beneficial ownership information reporting.

API Integrations to Start BOI Reports and Get Report Details

With FincenFetch, starting BOI reports is seamless. Just call our StartReport API to get a secure link for customers to start FinCEN reports. This white-label flow walks them through the FinCEN reporting process in an explained workflow to make sure they get the right information submitted the first time. Your platform can get back their report status at any time with our GetReport API.

Seamless Registered Agents Services Brand Integration with FincenFetch's White-Labeled Solution

Transform your client’s CTA compliance process with FincenFetch, a white-labeled portal and email system fully customizable to feature your branding. Provide a seamless, branded experience on every filing dashboard and email, fostering trust and recognition as clients fulfill their FinCEN obligations.

Enhanced Data Security with SOC2 Compliance

Data security is central to FincenFetch. Our platform adheres to SOC2 standards and boasts over 80 security measures, featuring strict PII controls and detailed penetration testing, to protect client data confidentiality. We enforce tight access controls, ensuring a secure environment and preserving data integrity at all times. This commitment aligns with the highest security expectations.

Seamlessly Handle a Large Number of BOI Reports

Streamline report management with our intuitive system. Automation tackles most tasks including reminders and a clear dashboard ensure easy progress tracking. This efficiency supports the Corporate Transparency Act and Beneficial Ownership Report compliance for new companies and established customers.

Streamlined Bulk Data Handling

Our platform simplifies client data management for formation providers and registered agents. It supports bulk import and export via CSV and API, streamlining report processing. Start and fill many reports at once. Flexible data export options are available, ensuring unrestricted access to your data.

Adaptable Data Entry and Filing Confirmations

FincenFetch offers a secure dashboard for both formation providers and registered agents, along with their clients, to access FinCEN reports. Users can add information to reports and when complete, the report is set for review and submission. You can even offload reviews to our team or automated this process. After filing, confirmation transcripts are automatically sent to clients, offering them peace of mind.

Streamline Accuracy and Curtail Risk in FinCEN Reporting

Create an intuitive workflow for clients to understand regulations and correctly complete their BOI reports. Customers review and approve submissions before sending to FinCEN. Clients must verify their filings’ accuracy and completeness. Consent is ensured through IP logging and time-stamping for audits.

Tailored Compliance Reminder Solutions for Report Deadline Management

Our customized reminder system ensures formation providers and registered agents keep their clients on track with CTA compliance, preventing missed FinCEN deadlines and driving revenue. Using our platform boosts your efficiency, offering proactive service amid regulatory hurdles. Alerts notify clients when to initiate reports, alert on document expiration, or remind of nearing report deadlines, ensuring timely compliance.

Efficient Beneficial Owner Management for BOI Reporting for Registered Agents Services

Facilitate quicker BOI report completions by allowing your firm and clients to store and reuse beneficial owner information. Enhance privacy and efficiency by inviting owners to input their data via email, without compromising the privacy of other owners’ information.

Minutes to Update: Secure and Efficient Report Management

Experience hassle-free report updates in just minutes, thanks to our secure storage system. Clients have the flexibility to request changes at any time, subject to your approval. Quick updates to existing information followed by re-filing keep your compliance status up-to-date effortlessly.