Fincen Secure Compliance Platform: Safeguarding Beneficial Ownership Data

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Fincen Secure Compliance Platform

FincenFetch designed a FinCEN Secure Compliance Platform to ensure total compliance, eliminating errors and minimizing risk.

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) establishes rigorous mandates concerning the collection and reporting of beneficial ownership information to FinCEN. Accounting firms, CPA firms, law firms, and data collection services have a heightened responsibility to ensure not only compliance but also the security of personal identifiable information (PII) – a critical component of these reports. FincenFetch software is tailored to meet these demands.

FinCEN Secure Compliance Platform Secures PII on Entry

Given the sensitive nature of beneficial ownership reporting, the CTA necessitates a higher level of diligence and security. FincenFetch excels in this space, creating an environment where clients’ PII is safeguarded at every juncture. Our FinCEN Secure Compliance Platform allows reporting companies submit their information via the unique “Fetch Links,” it’s encrypted immediately. This encryption ensures that the beneficial ownership data is accessible only to the respective client or firm. Even FincenFetch’s internal platform administrators don’t have the clearance to access reporting company information, reflecting the software’s dedication to iron-clad security measures.

FinCEN Secure Compliance Platform enhances protection for your firm's FinCEN reports

FincenFetch excels beyond security norms. By adopting a dual approach consisting of internal and external security assessments, the platform guarantees layers of protection for beneficial ownership information data. Unlike many software solutions that may reactively bolster security after a breach, FincenFetch is on the front foot. It’s not about crisis management; it’s about preventing crises. Systems are frequently monitored and updated to ensure optimal defense against potential threats.

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Trusted engineering teams build our FinCEN Secure Compliance Platform reporting systems

Behind FincenFetch’s state-of-the-art system is a team of engineers who have their foundations firmly planted in the United States. Each member of the team not only possesses expertise in security systems engineering but also upholds the core values and priorities of the platform. While it’s common in today’s globalized world to see software platforms relying on international contractors, FincenFetch opts for a more localized approach. Given the crucial importance of security and data access in relation to the Corporate Transparency Act’s beneficial ownership information, this choice ensures that clients are in the safest possible hands.

Behind FincenFetch’s state-of-the-art FinCEN Secure Compliance Platform system is a team of engineers who have their foundations firmly planted in the United States.



In a world where data security has become paramount, especially in the realm of beneficial ownership reporting, FincenFetch stands tall as a beacon of reliability and innovation. By prioritizing client data protection in compliance with the Corporate Transparency Act, the platform not only meets the needs of today but sets the standard for the future.

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